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We proudly stock and sell mushrooms from White Prince Mushrooms located in New South Whales and Fresh Fields Mushrooms In Avenel, Victoria.

GRAMCO is a full range specialist supplier of mushrooms and mushroom products. The common white mushroom most people are familiar with is called an Agaricus mushroom. GRAMCO stocks and sells hundreds of Kilos of this type of mushroom everyday. The standard unit is a 4 Kilogram box, and can consist of one of the following types of Agaricus:

  • Button mushrooms smaller than 30 mm diam and completely closed
  • Cup mushrooms between 30 and 70 mm and cap still closed or only slightly opening out from stemFlat Mushrooms as small as 50 mm up to 140 mm
  • Swiss Brown mushrooms come in the same types as the white Agaricus; Buttons, Cups and Flats but instead of a 4 Kilogram unit, they are typically sold in a 3 Kilogram box

We also stock and sell prepackaged mushrooms which cover the entire range of Agaricus types including the following pack sizes

  • 200g white or swiss cups and buttons
  • 200g sliced white mushrooms
  • 375g white or swiss flats

Additionally to the Agaricus types, GRAMCO also stocks exotic mushrooms. Stock lines are sourced where possible from Australian grown sources such as Li-Sun mushrooms in Bowral, New South Wales and Forrest Foods in the Otway Ranges of Victoria. These are typically the Asian style mushrooms that grow on sawdust rather than on compost. The exotic range of mushrooms includes

  • Oyster 150g
  • Enoki 100g, and 300g
  • King Oyster 200g, and 400g
  • Baby King oyster 300g
  • Shimeji (Pearl Oyster) 150g
  • Woodear (Black Fungus) 100g
  • Cloud Ear (Snow Fungus) 100g
  • Gourmet Mix 150g, 350g, 1Kg
  • Imported Shiitake 100g
  • Australian Grown Shiitake 100g, 2Kg
  • Chestnut or Pioppini 100g
  • Nameko 100g

When the season comes aroun we also stock WILD mushrooms. These can only be collected when the seasonal conditions allow, and are usually limited to about 4- 6 months of the year. The wild offering is typically comprised of

  • Pine Mushrooms 2KGg
  • Slippery Jacks 2Kg
  • Birch Boletus 1Kg
  • Morel 1Kg
  • Shoro (rhizopogon) 1 Kg
  • Aussie Porcini 1 Kg
  • Cordyceps by the gram

Australian Cordyceps

The Cordyceps mushroom, used for centuries for its health giving properties, is a cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine and is native to the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet. It is the most expensive ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.

Around the world there is an increasing interest in dietary supplements and ‘Super foods.’ like Cordyceps. Western medicine has recognised the cancer fighting properties of the Chinese Cordyceps and it is under wider investigation for other therapeutic applications

Due to increased demand, over harvesting and new harvest restrictions the top grades of wild the Chinese Cordyceps have reached prices of over $US100,000 per kilo. In 2016, the Chinese Government banned the sale of The Chinese Cordyceps from certain regions of Tibet due to unacceptable levels of arsenic toxicity.

The Chinese Cordyceps only grows in natural mountain environments and the annual harvest is very limited and is therefore only available to the wealthy. This situation has encouraged the marketing of imitation and adulterated products limiting their clinical efficacy and patient outcomes.

Cordyceps fungi are the source of many powerful medicinal compounds.  Cyclosporine which is used for its’ anti-rejection profile in organ transplantation is derived from the family of Cordyceps mushrooms.

Cordyceps gunnii - The “Australian Cordyceps”  - The Australian Alternative

Australian Cordyceps has the potential to provide an Australian grown therapeutic equivalent alternative to The Chinese Cordyceps for the Chinese market.

The ‘Australian Cordyceps’ mushroom is a native to NSW, Victoria and Tasmania in Australia. These areas are largely secret pristine native bushland. The mushrooms are untouched by pollution and are clean and green Australian produce.

Australian Cordyceps can be harvested for three months annually and due to its inherent properties, requires some specialist skills.

The chemical composition of the Australian Cordyceps is very similar to The Chinese Cordyceps having all of the medicinal compounds at a lower price.

Australian Cordyceps has demonstrated efficacy against cancer cell lines in the petri dish at The Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Victoria. Stomach and renal cancer cells were terminated by the extract in 24 hours and an “immortal’ cancer cell line was killed within 72 hours.

Mushrooms Australia harvest and source Australian Cordyceps during the season. The fresh mushrooms are then cleaned, dried, graded and packed for sale throughout the year. Supplies are limited by the amount of fresh mushrooms harvested and are available through “The Great Australian Mushroom Company.”

Order your Australian Cordyceps through the We Chat:

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​Cordyceps Product List

Grade / Price Per Gram / Standard Package Size

  • Premium Grade – The best of the best. Whole pieces, fully intact and graded for similar sizing. The size range is from 80mm (smallest and limited stock) up to 350mm (largest stock) with most stock measuring between  100mm-180mm
  • Premium Grade Price – AUD$12 per gram , standard packing size is 50g pack
  • Market Grade – Good stock fully intact whole pieces with some slight blemish,  smaller and or darker portions that detract from Premium grade status. Sizes range from 100mm-200mm
  • Market Grade Price – AUD$8, standard pack size 50g pack
  • Extra Long Stem Grade- Whole pieces, fully intact yet the stems are greater than twice the size of the “root”.  Sizes range from 200mm-400mm
  • Extra Long Premium Grade Price- AUD$9 per gram, no standard pack size- sell individual pieces
  • Extra Long Market Grade Price- AUD$5 per gram, no standard pack size- sell individual piece
  • Bits and Pieces Grade – Broken stems and roots mixed together, from premium and market grade product that was blemished, not whole pieces on arrival or broken during grading and packaging. A bargain to the consumer.
  • Bits and Pieces Grade – AUD$3 per gram, standard packing size 100g pack.