The Cordyceps mushroom, used for centuries for its health giving properties, is a cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine and is native to the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet. It is the most expensive ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.Around the world there is an increasing interest in dietary supplements and ‘Super foods.’ like Cordyceps. Western medicine has recognised the cancer fighting properties of the Chinese Cordyceps and it is under wider investigation for other therapeutic applications.


The Great Australian Mushroom Company is currently operating in the Melbourne Markets. It supplies small supermarkets, independent retailers, and hospitality providers throughout Victoria with a complete range of white and brown Agaricus, imported and locally grown exotic mushrooms and wild mushrooms. 


We proudly stock and sell mushrooms from White Prince Mushrooms located in New South Wales and Fresh Fields Mushrooms in Avenel, Victoria.
GRAMCO is a full range specialist supplier of mushrooms and mushroom products. The common white mushroom most people are familiar with is called an Agaricus mushroom. GRAMCO stocks and sells hundreds of Kilos of this type of mushroom every day.


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